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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oh the Joy! - [11:36 AM]

For the last week I've been loving life on my shiny new 17" MacBook Pro! I haven't posted about it so I could have some quality time with it, you know, let it sink in a while, "get to know me" time.

Will write Mac Code for foodI'm quite hooked, and I can't see going back to using a Windows box on a daily basis any time soon. Of course my job does require writing code for Windows and Linux so I'll have to continue working in those two environments but I'll do it from my Mac. I'm currently using Chicken of the VNC to connect to my Linux box and as I'm typing this post I have VMWare Fusion running Windows XP, on a separate display, installing Visual Studio.NET so I can work on Windows code. As soon as that installation is complete I'll move on to installing Ubuntu or Fedora Core 7 for my Linux develop needs.

Now all I need to do is spend some quality time with XCode, Objective-C and Cocoa.

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