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Friday, October 05, 2007

How do you use your Mac? - [12:33 PM]

A typical day with my Mac.

0) Auto start Quicksilver.
1) Start Entourage.
2) Start Safari.
3) Start VMWare Fusion.
4) Start MarsEdit.
5) Start NetNewsWire.
6) Start Terminal.

The interesting one in the list is #3, VMWare Fusion. Why? Well we develop software for Windows and Linux, so I use both OS's on a daily basis, right from within my MacBook. I'll typically start Windows or Linux(Ubuntu) up and when I have need for the other I simply suspend the current session, minimize it, and fire up the other OS. This tends to happen when I need to make sure my changes didn't break anything in the other OS, whichever it may be at the time. This works beautifully. So much so I'm still surprised by it just about every day.

I use other apps on occasion, like...

MindJet Mindmanager
Chicken of the VNC
Remote Desktop Connection
Growl (indirectly of course)

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