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Monday, May 05, 2008

Win32 to Cocoa - [9:50 AM]

ars technica: "This is the second part of a three-part series describing how one developer became disillusioned with the Windows platform and was reinvigorated by the bright lights of Mac OS X." - Stash for later, I'm having a bear of a time getting used to "The Cocoa Way." Anything that'll help make that transition, I'm all for it. Currently my biggest problem is figuring out how to use Interface Builder and hooking up events so my code actually receives them. This is the most difficult platform change I've ever made. I've worked with a bunch of different platforms and frameworks and I've never struggled this much. Eventually the light bulb will go on and I'll be fine, for now I'm very frustrated with the entire exercise. Objective-C is pretty interesting and I'm sure will pose some problems for me, but I can only burn one bridge at a time, and that bridge is the Interface Builder bridge. More to come.

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