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Thursday, September 11, 2008

But why? - [8:52 AM]

Microsoft Cash Cow.Scott C. Reynolds: "Apple, I beg you, get your act together, gather up some people on the outside that can tell you what it takes to gain ground in business use, and stop treating your business customers like your home customers. I want to be able to use your products in the corporate world. I really do. But you aren't ready for it." - Scott, Apple tries to run lean, and focus on what's important to them. They don't want to be the enterprise company, they want to own the living room and the home. If a product doesn't show profit quickly they typically kill it off and try something else. Why should they lose focus and try to deal with corporations? Corporations require a lot of hand holding, special this, special that. Is it really worth it? Look at Microsoft, they've become so spread out they've lost focus. Sure they have a lot of different products, but they make money on a couple of cash cows; Windows and Office. Maybe there are others now, and I'm sure I'll hear about it, but you get the idea.

Maybe there's room for a new company to emerge to serve up Apple products to corporations?


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