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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Deciding on a new phone - [7:40 AM]

James Robertson: "I got a chance to play with a BlackBerry Storm last night, and the touchscreen was mostly annoying - I had the devil's own time getting a "C" entered (I got "V" 3-4 times each try. My daughter insists that the iPod touch (and by extension, the iPhone) won't be much better, but I was pretty disappointed." - I've been watching James work through the process of picking a new phone. He's been researching the BlackBerry Storm, which looks pretty darned cool, and comparing it with the iPhone. I have a BlackBerry Curve and I like it a lot. I've already decided I won't be purchasing an iPhone, I'll get an iPod Touch. If I switch phones I'll probably go with something like the Pantech Matrix for it's full size keyboard, or I could go super low end with one of the simple free flip phones. Why? Well, I think having the Touch I'll get most of what I need, minus the phone part. I don't mind having two devices, but I know some do.

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