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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Netbooks? - [8:28 AM]

There are a lot of folks talking about Netbooks. Netbooks this, netbooks that. My question is this, is a Netbook defined by its size, is it about cost, or is it a combination of both.

The reason I ask is because along with all the hype surrounding Netbooks there's a group of people that want one from Apple. So, given Apple doesn't create junk with an OS on it (have you every used a Dell laptop? Junk.), would a small laptop from Apple be considered a Netbook if it was over $1,000.00? The current low-end Macbook sells for $1,300.00, and it's a 13-inch device.

So, if you could buy a 9-inch Apple Macbook for $1000.00, would you buy one, or is it all about the price?

Apple, it's time to redefine the Netbook, in your terms. I want a BMW, not a Yugo. Thank you.

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