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Friday, December 12, 2008

Open Source the iPhone? - [8:00 AM]

Chris Petrilli [via James Robertson]: "It seems everyone has advice for Apple. Hell bent to resurrect them from that horrible abyss of having billions of dollars in the bank and making money almost as fast as it can be printed. Today, itís five reasons why Apple should open source the iPhone. Letís take a look at his five 'reasons', in slightly out-of-order execution, shall we?" - Some of the Open Source zealots continue to amaze me with their wacked out arguments. Apple is doing just fine the way they are, thank you very much.

I have zero problem with Open Source, zero. Instead of pushing everybody to your model why not focus on making better software than the other guy? I would still put Linux at a distant third on the desktop, with Apple being #1 and Microsoft being #2 when it comes to form and function. My grandmother really doesn't want to open BASH to get something done. Yes, I'm fully aware it's gotten better, but it's still way, way, behind the competition, and everything you hear from the Linux team points to the server, not the desktop. So, given that, why would you want to open source a beautifully designed, highly functional, mobile OS? Apple built the iPhone for people, not machines.

Here's how I see it. Success on the iPhone for the Open Source crowd would mean you could run vi, emacs, BASH, and SSH on it.

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