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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Switching - [10:00 AM]

MacWorld: "In the past year, running Mac OS X or Linux as your default OS has been made easier by the capability to run Windows in a virtual machine, giving you access to both Windows-only applications and Web sites that rely on Microsoft's Internet Explorer-only ActiveX technology. But in a business environment, switching to a Mac or Linux PC may not be quite as easy." - I've been running exclusively on a Mac for quite a while now. I use VMWare as my Windows development environment host and it's mostly worked for me. I'm sold on Mac now. It would be so hard to go back to a PC with Windows as a daily driver, but I supposed I could do it. I work with Linux as well but I'm not a very proficient Linux guy, that's ok, we have Linux gear heads all over the place. But I digress.

For me the choice is now clear, it's Mac.

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