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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Melt down, in progress - [10:49 AM]

I have to vent somewhere so I don't destroy the nearest thing to me. Where to begin...

My MacBook is dead, okay, let's move on. Fire up the Linux box, hmmmm, I can't see outside my network, no internet connection. Great, can't VPN to work to get something useful done. Still trying to figure that one out. Then I notice my iPod Touch needed some juice, so I plugged it in to my Windows laptop. I guess that's a bad idea. Friggin iTunes REMOVED ALL MY APPS! Look, it just needed some juice, why, why in God's name, would you remove all my apps? That is just plain stoopid guys. Come on, you're smarter than that. So now what? I'm guessing I have to wait until I get back my repaired MacBook so I can get my apps back?

Someone on the iTunes team please step up, it's time for a cage match. I'm really pissed and want to destroy something.

Thanks for ruining my day fellas.

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