Lowest common denominator

Wired: "Sepulveda's comment is focused on what sets webOS apart from other mobile environments: It only requires programmers to know JavaScript and CSS, which are simpler and easier to learn than other mobile programming languages. That's in contrast to iPhone's Objective C based Software Developers Kit (SDK) or Android's Java based tools." - There you go. Everybody can now be a developer. I can imagine the Dancing Hamsters application for the Pre. Wink, wink. I'd rather learn Objective-C, but I have a definite Mac lean these days. They're playing to the web designer, not developers, which will open the doors to a lot of folks that otherwise wouldn't be able to develop. You can create web apps for the iPhone but the serious applications are written in Objective/Cocoa, why's that?

I hope this works for Palm, I really do. It's a huge risk. But as we all know, with huge risk comes huge reward, if you hit the mark.

BTW, have you, as a traditional developer, ever had to work with CSS? It's harder to learn than a new development language, like C++, or Ruby, or Python, or Objective-C. It's really quite strange to work with. I think the place to be is at Palm, as a developer on the OS, that would be fun!

Oh, and it'll support Flash.

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