Bi-Costal Freelancer

Richard Caetano: "Living like this opens up a broad range of experiences. Manhattan is great for freelancers. I think that has to do with how social this city is. I find a lot of lateral opportunities because most of the folks I meet here genuinely want to help you out. I made some friends here in the city whom I hold closely." - RC has done a lot of different things in his professional software career. I think he's finally found his place in the world.

About a year ago I was one step away from leaving Pelco to become a freelance developer. In the end I was talked out of it, and backed off the idea. I don't know if I could run the treadmill like Richard, it takes a special kind of person to juggle different jobs, and the ever present possibility you'll run out of work.

It's really nice to see you're enjoying it Richard.


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