Core Intuition 16

Core Intuition is quickly becoming by favorite podcast. Daniel and Manton do a great job pulling back the covers on all kinds of topics, especially those related to the Indy Mac Developer scene. Core Intuition Episode 16 is no exception. The thing I found most interesting in this episode, WWDC talk and most importantly payment systems for your first indy release. Dealing with online stores and payment could be a real showstopper, especially if you're not a web-head and you've been heads down for some period of time trying to complete that 1.0 release. Could you imagine coming to the end of a development cycle, thrilled, ready to sell your app, only to spend the next month trying to create a solution to get your product out to the world? Yeah, that would stink!

Note, I was going to give you a link directly to episode 16 but it looks like the guys really rely on RSS to get you those links. No biggie, just subscribe to the feed an you'll get the link, or check them out on iTunes.

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