NetBook to the next level?

Apple LogoSmoking Apples: "Based on this factual patent application, and the rumor of 10" touchscreens being purchased, I will bet with almost 95% certainty that the iScreen, iTablet, or Macbook Touch (not to be confused with the iPod Touch) will come to market in the third or fourth quarter." - If Apple introduces a NetBook that comes close to these sketches, and the mockup at the top of the post, it won't silence the critics. The critics are too into cheap, and this device probably won't be cheap. It is very interesting however. It's a strange combination of iPod Touch and MacBook. Something else to note. How would a device like this stack up against the Kindle? Will Apple begin selling books through iTunes and will the device have built in EVDO? Will the price point be close to the price of a Kindle, and by close I mean around $500.00US? Only time will tell.


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