Weird Dream

Duct Tape, fixer of all things!I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, Adam Corolla, Core Intuition, and my latest find, Developer Lives. Monday, on the drive into work, I listened to the latest Core Intuition, great discussion guys, and on the way home I grabbed the latest Developer Lives. Both podcasts featured Daniel Jalkut, Daniel is the co-host of Core Intuition, and was the featured developer on Developer Lives. The stage is now set...

In my dream I'm working on my Mac only drawing and diagraming desktop application, think Visio. In the dream I'm doing the thing I like to do above all other development jobs, I'm adding scripting capabilities. Mind you, I'm not coding yet, I'm working through what to expose to the outside, and trying to make a scripting environment/language choice. My two choices were AppleScript and Python, because you can embed it in you application, great example Acorn.

I pick up the phone and call Daniel. We're having a nice discussion about the plusses and minuses of both approaches, and the idea of supporting both, then my wife's alarm clock goes off; it's 5:30AM, my dream of a Mac only, highly extensible, drawing and diagramming engine is just that, a dream.

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