1993 Blockbuster Summer

Cinematical: "1993 holds a really special place in my heart for one reason: Jurassic Park. While I had seen some event movies in my 11 short years, there had never been a movie like this. It was the first movie I had to wait in line for -- and the line seemed huge because it actually went outside the Southwest Plaza Mall." - That year sticks out in my mind as well, it was a pretty good year. I remember it because Kim and the girls were in California visiting family, I was off at a trade show, I believe it was N+I, in Atlanta, Georgia, for Visio. After the show I flew to California instead of going back to Seattle. We spent a couple of weeks visiting with family, and Mickey Mouse, then back to Seattle where Kim took me to see Jurassic Park for father's day.

Funny the things I remember.

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