Blockbuster, going, going...

Macworld: "Once Goliath to Netlflix's David, Blockbuster appears on the defensive in an effort to stay relevant to movie fans and viable as a business. In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Committee Monday, Blockbuster stated it may have to permanently close its retail stores. The company recently took out a $250 million loan-on top of its $780.9 million debt-and does not know if it can meet the conditions of the loan." - Wow, that's tough. We've only recently switched over to Netflix, mainly due to instant queueing for our XBox, but we haven't used it yet, we've been getting DVD's by mail, and the turnaround is amazing. Blockbuster waited way too long to get into the mail order business.

Here's an idea for them. Close the brick and mortar stores. Try to go head to head with Netflix order by mail and create kiosks, like the Redbox folks have. Either that, or you could close the doors completely. Sad.

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