Up, and a tour of Pixar

Cinematical: "It'll cost you 125 bucks, or $100 if you're a member of the San Francisco Film Society, which is sponsoring the screening at Pixar's headquarters across the Bay in Emeryville, CA. In any case, less than a plane ticket to Europe. And though I won't be shelling out the cash (despite the fact that the press screening isn't likely to happen until a couple days before the film's release on May 29th), I can vouch for the Pixar screening room as a fantastic place to see a movie. Oh, and if you have $250 to spare for a "VIP" ticket, you can get a guided tour of Pixar beforehand." - I talked to Kim about attending this and much to my surprise she was cool with the idea. As much as I'd like to go I think I'll hold onto the $500.00 it would take for the two of us to attend, there are many things we could use that money on, but boy is it tempting! It's no surprise Pixar is one of those companies I've always wanted to work for, yes I've applied for positions in the past, and a tour of the place where all the magic happens would be amazing, not to mention being able to see Up early.

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