Generic Container Application?

John Nack: "Let's say you wanted to create some vectors inside a PSD file. By clicking on the appropriate tool, you could have your PSD remain on screen (but not directly editable) while Illustrator came forward and put you into vector drawing mode. Or you could double-click a bitmap in InDesign or Dreamweaver, then have the image remain on screen while Photoshop comes forward and continues to show the surrounding layout." - This is the problem Microsoft OLE tried to solve. You could create native objects inside other application document containers then negotiate for "work surface" space, as well as menu and toolbar space. This is how you can embed a Visio drawing inside Word and use native Visio tools to operate on the drawing bits. It was cool back in 1993-94 when we did it, but now it's a bit dated and just feels klunky. I think it would be fantastic if Adobe did this for application suite. A single container that could host native document bits for all their applications, and do the right UI based on the application needed to modify the document. It should feel native all the time. Vector based bits should behave like native Illustrator vectors, raster bits should behave like native Photoshop bits, and they should blend like they are one united document. As John says each Adobe application would just become another component, a big component, but a component none-the-less, that the generic application would know how to load. It's quite brilliant. You could buy the applications like you do today, each would ship with the "loader" application, but if you installed Illustrator and Photoshop you would have one launch point for both apps, and it would be nice if the application component loaded on demand, so if you only wanted to do vector stuff Illustrator would be the only component loaded.

I say it's a great idea, but I'm not your target audience.


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