Going Mac Indy, FINALLY

A wonderful boquet of flowers.I've been waiting to make this announcement, I had to square some things away before doing it, but I've finally made the leap! I'm going Indy, starting in a little over a week, Monday, April 13 to be exact.

So, first off I'd like to say thanks to Pelco for four fun, and challenging, years. I met a lot of wonderful, smart, and fun people. It's been good. I haven't completely cut ties with them and hope to do some Mac work for them in the future, if they ever decide to go that route.

Now, for the big news. What am I going to be doing? I have some contract work lined up to keep my head above water, feed the family, pay the mortgage, you know all that silly stuff, but what I'm really going to do is write my own software, FINALLY! I have an iPhone app in the hopper and I hope to follow that with a Mac desktop application. The iPhone app is close to being finished. The desktop application will probably take the better part of the year to get into shape.

So, wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!


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