Great iPhone app advice

Double Encore, Inc. : "To determine price, you need to first figure out who your target market is. Hint: for most apps, your target market is probably not 'all iPhone users, everywhere.' Far too many apps are priced for volume on the App Store despite not having a larger enough target market. If your niche app can command $9.99 from those users or industries that would benefit from what you offer, why price your app at $0.99? All you are doing is reducing your chance of breaking even and turning a profit." - I have an iPhone app coming, really, it is, trust me. The thing I'm struggling with most, is price. The application targets a very focused market. There are a couple of apps like it, but not exactly like, and they're sitting between the $0.99 and $3.99 range. When I began working on the product I was thinking I'd sell it for $39.99, yep, that right, very high end. Now it's looking like it'll fit in the $4.99 and under range. We'll see!

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