iPod is King

Apple iPhone/iPod TouchGizmodo: "News doesn't get much worse than this for the Zunes and Sansas of the world: a whopping 0% of surveyed teens planned on buying their devices, with 100% wanting an iPod in the coming year." - Does this actually surprise anyone? Apple embraced Windows as a platform for their player, does Zune do that? I believe the answer is no, and I honestly think that is one of the key reasons iPod sales went through the roof. Remember, the iPod became a wild success before Mac sales started taking off.

It's funny how things change. I had a PC laptop and a Toshiba Gigabeat player. Now I love everything Apple. Mac laptop and two iPod's, a Shuffle for working out, and an iPod Touch for everything else. The Touch is more of a mobile computing device for me. I check e-mail, tweets, and news feeds, and to top it off I stream music through it via Pandora. It is in a word, incredible.

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