View from a C++ noob

Armin Ronacher: "I just recently started using C++ for university (about two months ago) and still have a hard time accepting some of the weird syntax rules and semantics. For someone that mainly does Python development C++ feels very unnatural. In Python the syntax is clean and there are no ambiguities. C++ is drastically different in that regard. I know there are tons of resources on the net about C++ pitfalls already, but I thought I have to add my own for people switching to C++ with a background in Python and/or C." - I forgot how daunting C++ can be coming from another language. I struggled with C pointers for the longest time after coming from BASIC, then a dear friend said these words to me.

* means contents of
& means address of

That's all it took. From that day forward I could deal with pointers.

Python looks weird to me, especially the whole indentation thing.

Python is one of those languages high on my list of languages to learn, which also includes Ruby and Smalltalk. Objective-C wasn't on there, but I'm knee deep in it now. I believe Objective will be a good sprintboard to learning Smalltalk, either that or a hinderance.

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