Windows 7 Graphics Performance

Engineering Windows 7: "Many have experienced scenarios where an application, or Windows itself, stops responding momentarily. This is type of a performance issue that can be impacted significantly by the performance of graphics in the PC. We categorize these as desktop responsiveness issues. Improving responsiveness, both in real terms and by avoiding non-responsive moments, is one of the key ways that performance is improved in the system. It is also hard to measure." - While I love my Mac, and wish I could write code for it daily, I make my living writing software for Windows and Linux. Windows 7 looks promising considering we have need to display live, and recorded, video from multiple sources, and do it quickly. In the security world folks demand, and expect, great performance. A 500 millisecond(1/2 a second) delay from the time the image is grabbed until it arrives at the display is TOO slow, now imagine having to do that for 16 streams simultaneously. Graphics performance is so important, even at the UI level, which is why these particular changes will be so welcome. For video we lean on the GPU, but the user interface relies on good old Windows GDI. Let's hope it works!

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