Hacking around AIR's shortcomings

James Robertson: "Today's Smalltalk Daily looks at Glare, a library for enabling communication between Flex/Air front ends and Smalltalk backends." - James demonstrates how to create a Flex/AIR based frontend to a backend Smalltalk service, which is cool. Folks do this sort of stuff every day with other languages. But, what if I want to create a Flex/AIR application that runs on the client and lives inside my app, or maybe hosts code I've already written, that does awesomeness AIR can't do? The only way around that limitation today is to open a socket and send "commands" to another application, just like you're doing when you're communicating with a web service. Great for web services, crummy on the desktop.

Adobe could have a killer scripting environment for inclusion into a host application, think VBA, if they would consider moving that direction. Until then it'll fall just a bit short for doing real applications.

For writing real desktop applications today, with cool UI's, in a nice garbage collected, stop the developer from hanging himself, and allows you to use your existing code bases, the choice is clear, Microsoft .NET with WPF.

Adobe I love you, I really, really love you. You're so close, why not go the extra mile and allow existing code to run within your runtime, or allow us to host the AIR runtime within our applications?

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