iPhone icon viewer

Sebastiaan de With: "Composition is not an icon generator or designer in any way; it is made for people who care about the way their icons look, and want to get a break from the horrible workflow of mashing previews of icons together in Photoshop. There will be several easy-to-access Photoshop templates accessible from the app, but the actual design work is left to applications that are excellent at that kind of work. It will also be completely free!" - This will be an extremely handy application for designers and developers. When you create an icon for the iPhone, or Touch, you create a 57x57 pixel image with square corners and try to keep if fairly plain. The iPhone the rounds the corners and applies lighting across the top of the icon. It can be tough for a designer to visualize the final product and it's a pain to build the app and push the icon the iPhone Simulator just to see what the icon will look like.

This is a tool every iPhone developer, and designer, will want as a part of their toolbox.

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