Microsoft Layoff's, round #2

Microsoft Cash Cow.Mini Microsoft [comment used here]: "I know on the first round people that people were cut with what seemed no logic: Good performers, bad performers (or so it seemed). Is there a secret formula? From what I know on the first round, affected peoples' managers did not know, nor their managers' managers. It makes it seem arbitrary. How is fat being cut when there is no logic, and direct people connected to the employee have no say in the process." - There seems to be a lot of confusion about the decisions being made at Microsoft about this latest round of layoffs. Read through the comments, lots of people scratching their heads. Zune, unaffected. Mobile, unaffected. Zune must be working on something "earth shattering" to not be affected by cuts. I would've expected that group to have been scuttled all together? Yes, No?

Never count out the underdog! Microsoft is now clearly the underdog in a lot of spaces; Zune, Mobile, and possibly OS.

Let's see if they can turn the ship around.


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