Wow, what if?

Panic - Extras: "So that's what that never-happened early meeting was going to be about. Since we never met up because we were tangled with AOL, Apple turned to their next choice, SoundJam, and the rest was, well, history. Another one of those amazing "life junctions" you'll always wonder about - what if we had made iTunes? Would we be happy? Would we be having as much fun? Would we be, er, rich?" - Wow, what a great story. Cabel is a great writer and this story of Apple crushing another little guy is fantastic. Fortunately that's just the beginning of the story for Panic.

If you need some great Mac software Panic is holding a two day sale, May 27-May 29. Coda, Transmit, and the Apple Design Award winner, Unison, are all half-price.

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