Did Jobs get liver because he's wealthy?

CNN.com: "The truth is more complicated. No one can actually buy an organ in the United States (legally, that is). But getting a liver transplant, it turns out, is a lot like getting into college. Once you're on the waiting list, your chances of getting off it depend largely on your personal circumstances -- how sick you are and whether you are a good donor match. But getting on the list in the first place -- or on more than one list, as the case may be -- requires resources and know-how that most people don't have." - Of course I asked that question when I saw the report. My mother has been on a transplant list for years. She was near death four years ago and still no liver. Now she's doing a lot better but the docs are beginning to hint that she may be bad enough to get one in a years time at her current rate of decline. So, you literally have to be near death to receive the organ, and there are all kinds of crazy rules in the fine print. My mom was unable to get one four years back because she weighed too much, thanks to the meds the doctor put her on to keep her alive. So, it's really hard to get one. Jobs must have been very near death to receive a liver when he did.

So I honestly believe the answer to "Did he get it because he's rich?" is no. He got it because he was about to drop dead.

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