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NY Times [via @zymurgy]: "Those whose names are not unique may run into problems in trying to manage those brands. Chris Hardwick, a stand-up comedian and host on the tech-focused cable network G4, had no trouble registering a few years ago and securing the appropriate Gmail address. But he missed out on claiming his name on MySpace to a Chris Hardwick in Ohio. Last weekend, Mr. Hardwick got home from a performance too late to get his address of choice on Facebook; he said a high school student in England appeared to have grabbed it." - I didn't realize the spigot opened on Friday evening, so I wasn't able to grab Fahrni as my identity on Facebook, a kid in Switzerland got it, I wound up with rob.fahrni, which is ok because to me that's not my real identity, or profile, or whatever you want to call it. For me my real identity begins at a URL most people don't know about, This weblog is an extension of that site, but that site is the leaping off point, it's the home to my front porch, but I digress.

Watch out! It's a blog fly!All this hubbub over identities got me thinking. I want a way to identify a URL as my "true identity", I don't want Google or Facebook or Twitter or MySpace in charge of that, I'm in charge, and I'd like to tell web services "Hey, this is Rob Fahrni, not that other site over there." Now, if I want to identify Google or Facebook or Twitter or MySpace or some other site as the keeper of my identity that's ok too, or maybe I don't want an identity on the web at all, that would be fine too.

Could this be an extension to some other service? OpenID maybe? Is there a way to embed some metadata in my preferred web location that works today? Maybe someone has already created this service and I'm just not aware of it? If it exists, please, share in the comments. If it doesn't exist, and you'd like to help me create it, please leave a comment. Let's get the ball rolling on this, today.

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