BMI == bad

NPR: "But you may want to take those findings - and your next meal - with a grain of salt, because they're based on a calculation called the body mass index, or BMI." - Ahh, it's about time someone gave us a good set of reasons to hate the BMI. It's bogus! Problem is too may people use it today to determine if you're obese, or better yet morbidly obese.

Here are some BMI fatty's for you, just so you get the "real" picture.

Brian Urlacher - BMI of 31.4. Obese. 6'4 258lbs.
Ronnie Coleman - BMI of 44.6. Obese, super fatty! 5'11 320lbs.
Mariusz Pudzianowski - BMI of 41.2. Obese, another super fatty! 6'1 312lbs.

I think you get the picture.

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