Quay Valley A.K.A. Redneck Heaven

Wikipedia: "Quay Valley, also referred to as Quay Valley Ranch, is a proposed planned community consisting of about 12,000 acres (18.75 square miles) in unincorporated Kings County, California, located approximately halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and about two miles (3 km) east of Kettleman City. It is planned to be a new, sustainable, solar-powered, model town of about 150,000 people in which residents will not have to pay an electric bill." - The opening paragraph caught my eye, but it really looks like it's going to be redneck[1] heaven. The first two bullet points are all about cars and what looks to be a NASCAR style track. Man, that would go over huge here in the valley. But those same folks typically don't care about being green in their daily lives, so it's an interesting mix. I figure they put in the green initiatives to get government interest, and more importantly, government funding.

I've always thought it would be interesting to be a part of something like this, planning a new city, and the community around it. When we were back in Virginia a couple of years ago we stayed in Reston with family. Reston is not very old, only 45-years.

From with Wikipedia page:
Reston was conceived as a planned community by Robert E. Simon. Founded on April 20, 1964 (Simon's 50th birthday) and named for his initials, it was the first modern, post-war planned community in America, sparking a revival of the new town concept.
The planners of Quay Valley should definitely take a look at Reston for inspiration, it's a beautiful city.

1 - I'm descended from rednecks, aka okies and arkies, so it takes one to know one.

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