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Mugglenet: "Earlier this month, Bill Nighy confirmed his role as Rufus Scrimgeour for the final Potter movies. In an interview with BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat, he revealed that scenes with his character as the newest Minister of Magic will begin in the next week." - I believe Bill Nighy is perfect for this role, question is will he be able to pull it off? I'm sure he'll do just fine.

Can we go into the first installment of the Deathly Hallows not knowing who the new Minister is? Skipping The Other Minister in Half-Blood Prince now seems like a bit of a mistake to me. Maybe it'll be ok, they'll just introduce a new scene a fix everything, right?

On a side note. A lot of Potter fans, including my favorite Harry Potter Prognosticators believe the Half-Blood Price was able to stand alone. I thought so too, even though I was a bit disappointed with certain aspects. My brother has never read a single Potter book, he's no idiot, and was very confused by the film. In his words "It went nowhere."

I didn't say so in my first impressions post, but I though Tom Felton really brought Draco to the forefront in this film, and Jim Broadbent was fantastic as Horace Slughorn.

I have more questions than answers about the new film given some of the choices in Half-Blood Prince. Will Bill and Fleur's wedding happen as expected now The Burrow has been destroyed? A good portion of Deathly Hallows is spent at The Burrow preparing for the adventure to come. Do we skip right over that entire part of the book? I guess only time will tell. Hopefully they don't blow it.

Deathly Hallows - The Traveling Potter and Deathly Hallows - The Battle for Hogwarts could be epic on screen if they make the right choices. Think The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King.

I've babbled long enough, back to work.

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