Wanted: Designers

Smile!I've had a few different designs for this weblog over the years. All of which I'm to blame for, hey, I'm no designer(at least graphic/web), just a guy that loves technology, and loves to say a lot about nothing.

In that time I've had the pleasure to run into a couple of really great designers; Kevin Medeiros and Erik Kochackis. Kevin and Erik have both contributed some fantastic header graphics to my little corner of web, and I really appreciate their help.

There is a problem however. Because these guys are so good they don't have the time to help me round out my header collection! DOH! Erik is the most recent creator. He gave my site the goofy apple core you see at the top today. Yes, my apple core is alive, has a smile, and changes his appearance as the months change. He's very talented.

I'm missing three critical apple cores. October, November, and December. I'd like to fix that. So, are there any artists out there that would have the time to create three apple cores to round out my collection? If you're up for the task please drop me a line (rob.fahrni@gmail.com) with an estimate and a link to portfolio.

This will also serve to help me find a designer for what I hope is more to come with my little iPhone, and Mac, development venture.

P.S. - If you'd like to do it for free, with attribution, I'm ok with that too. Smile, life is good!

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