Scrimgeour Speaks

Beloved Hedwig. [via The Leaky Cauldron]: "Well, there's one where he comes and delivers Dumbledore's [Michael Gambon] legacy to the three children," Nighy replied, referring to Harry, Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint, with whom Nighy worked on the upcoming action-comedy Wild Target). "He gives them all of the things that Dumbledore has left them, and that's when it's first indicated that he may not be around for much longer. So it's quite an affecting scene." - So, I guess The Burrow will be rebuilt? Good. The idiots that made Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Price shouldn't have burned it down in the first place. That additional scene made zero sense in the final cut of the film, IMHO.

Here's hoping they actually make Deathly Hallows follow the book.


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