The $0.99 App Store

Well, I'm shocked. Truly shocked.

RxCalc is squarely focused on Clinical Pharmacists, it's geeky, it does Pharmacokinetics. It's so focused on a certain thing only a subset of pharmacists can use it. We thought this market of highly trained professionals would be OK with a price tag of $5.99. We thought we had something unique to offer, something worth a little more, apparently the App Store has trained everyone to stay at the $0.99 level and below.

You may be asking "Why'd he say that?"

Ah, to the point.

We decided to do a one day "special" on Labor Day. For one day RxCalc would be FREE. We thought it would get us a few downloads. A few downloads is the understatement of the year.

Prior to yesterday here's how things went for RxCalc.

Best Sales Day Total: Five
Best Weekly Total: 17
Total Sales [July 4, 2009 - September 6, 2009]: ~100

We were OK with that. We figured we weren't reaching our target market, or maybe they didn't use iPhone's or iPod Touches. Again, we were wrong.

Here are the numbers for the one day FREE download.

Worldwide downloads September, 7, 2009: 1365
Unique Countries Represented: 41
Ranking: #12, FREE Medical Applications Category

I, for one, didn't expect that at all. I thought we'd see 100 downloads. Apparently we do have a market. Apparently Pharmacists, like everyone else, prefer their applications to be near free. Who'd of thunk it?

So, we've made some changes as a result of our little experiment. Instead of going back to $5.99 after the special our price will now be $0.99, and it will remain there as long as RxCalc is in the store.

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