Great Tweets on Celebs

Daniel Jalkut: "Twitter is democratizing my opinion of whether celebrities are idiots or not. Answer: usually, yes." - And, yes, Twitter has hitched their wagon to them, and it's working. Watch TV these days and you'll notice a lot of garbage programming. People seem to eat this crap up.

Daniel Jalkut: "So @Alyssa_Milano balks at Tweetie's $3 upgrade price. So I assume if I ever watched her in a movie theatre, she'd send me the DVD for free." - So much unrest over an upgrade price. Come on people it's $3.00, but you know how I feel about the App Store, it should be called the $0.99 App Store.

Daniel Jalkut: "You can tell which Hollywood stars have decrepit agents. A decent agent would tell a moron star not to act like themself on Twitter."

Daniel Jalkut: "Roman Polanski. Shouldn't there be some consequence for raping a girl and evading the law for 30 years? Celebrities defend, more dumbness." - Celebs, gotta love 'em. They tend to think they're above the law. Mr. Polanski, it's time to face the music.

Yeah, yeah, I know there all from the same person. He was on a roll, and they were too good to pass up.

One piece of advice I gave my children long ago; Don't marry an Actor, a Professional Athlete, or a Rock Star. They're all flakes.

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