RxCalc, free for a day

Apple Core Labs is running a special in honor of Labor Day. On Monday, September, 7, you can get RxCalc for FREE. RxCalc is normally priced at $5.99, but we've decided to try a little experiment and see what folks would think of a FREE product for a day.

We've had very little feedback for our little application, and to be quite honest, sales haven't been stellar. We've sold about 100 units since it's introduction on July 4, 2009. Since we haven't received much in the way of feedback we're not sure if Pharmacists are unhappy with the price, maybe they're not using iPhone's or and iPod Touch in their day-to-day job? We don't really know.

This promotion was also driven by a small App Store annoyance. We couldn't give a promotional code to someone in the U.K. (Hi Jennifer!), so we decided Labor Day in here in the States would be a GREAT time to give our target audience a break and let them have the product for FREE.


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