Twitter, Not So Good

Creating Passionate Users [Kathy Sierra]: "Worst of all, this onslaught is keeping us from doing the one thing that makes most of us the happiest... being in flow. Flow requires a depth of thinking and a focus of attention that all that context-switching prevents. Flow requires a challenging use of our knowledge and skills, and that's quite different from mindless tasks we can multitask (eating and watching tv, etc.) Flow means we need a certain amount of time to load our knowledge and skills into our brain RAM. And the more big or small interruptions we have, the less likely we are to ever get there." - Wowzer. This is kind of scary, and probably very true. Also note, this is an OLD post, from March 2007! Twitter's use has grown dramatically since then and is stealing minds 140-characters at a time, DOH!

A.D.D? What? Me? Oh, look, a new Tweet just came in.


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