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Paul Krugman [NY Times]: "The point is that whatever is driving all this doesn't have anything to do with the realities of what I, or, much more important of course, Obama say or do. Obama could have come in proposing to pursue an agenda identical to Bush, and he would still be a socialist/Commie/fascist, with those of us who don't see it that way lying Nazis ourselves." - People are angry. I don't understand why, but they are. I keep hearing terms like Communist, and Nazi. Very strange, where did it originate? It is of course a certain group of people spreading this hatred, you know who you are. I'm a moderate; a socially conservative, liberal minded, Democrat. Yeah, strange mix, right? I don't mind our government helping people, but I don't agree with everything that's been done by President Obama and the administration. That's OK, it's the American way, I guess I don't get the pure hatred and the attacking nature of the debate. Hey, if we were a communist nation, run my Nazi's, do you think the mess we're seeing at town hall meetings WOULD BE ALLOWED? Course not, thank our founding fathers, be thankful for your freedom to express your opinion, be thankful you can rant and rave, this is very American.

Relax, take a deep breath, think about what's happening that really drives you to the brink of violence, and be honest with people about what that is. With some it'll be the bottom line; hey I didn't like the bailout of GMC and Chrysler, or the mortgage mess, and I also don't agree with the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on our current wars, but I digress. Some people, and again, you know who you are, don't like having a black president. It's plain old racism, trust me, I've seen that first hand in our little town.

UPDATE: To be clear, thanks James, I don't think everybody disagreeing with President Obama is a racist. I'm sorry if it came across that way. It's far from the truth, or factual, I'm referring to personal experience toward the end of the post. We, as a people, just don't agree on everything. I'm OK with that, I just wish we could do it in a civil manner, that's all.

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