App Store Problems Continue

MacWorld: "But three dollars, right? I mean, with that much money I could buy a third of a movie ticket! I could take the subway one and a half times! I could pay the convenience charge on the parking ticket I got last night (thanks, City of Somerville)." - For $3 you can *ALMOST* buy a Venti drink from America's favorite coffee company. This debate over the Tweetie upgrade pricing is silly, but it does point to bigger problems. The App Store needs to be reworked a bit, we need a 2.0 release, or 3.0, whatever. The kinder, gentler, App Store needs to include a couple of new features.

1) Trial Versions - 30-days would be just fine for starters, yes, I said for starters.
2) Upgrade Pricing - I'm ok with the $3 upgrade, but what if he had the option to set upgrade pricing at, say, $0.99? Maybe he'd actually do it?

Of course others will have a different list of things, and I'm sure I'll be adding to this one in the future, but it seems like those two things could go a long way toward cleaning up some of the mess at the App Store.

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