The Apple Difference

Apple - Think DifferentJohn Gruber: "Apple made news this week for the design and tech specs of its all-new iMacs, which start at $1199. HP made news this week for unveiling a Windows 7 launch bundle at Best Buy that includes a desktop PC and two laptops, all for $1199. That might be great for Microsoft, but how is it good for HP that their brand now stands for bargain basement prices?" - That pretty much says it all. Our family has converted. Both daughters are Mac users, I use one. My wife still has an HP laptop, but that will change with the next purchase. She will become a Mac user. Our next family desktop purchase will be a 27-in iMac, no doubt about it.

It's odd, isn't it? I make a living writing software that runs on Windows. I still know that platform best. The real trick is switching to writing code for the Mac all day, every day. There's the real challenge for me.

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