Developers cool towards iPhone

MacWorld [via @chockenberry]: "Even if your 99 cent application gets downloaded 10,000 times, after Apple's 30 percent cut that's just $7,000 in revenue-not profit, mind you, just revenue-and if you spent the last six months of your life working on that application, you better hope you're still working a day job if you want to cover living expenses." - I still believe there's a market for GREAT iPhone apps, but some may be cool on the idea. That's ok, I'll plod along, looking for a nice niche to settle into, but I can see some giving up all together. It can be discouraging to see your work go unused, or receive little return on your investment. Such is life. Find something you love and work at it. It may pay off, and if it doesn't you may find something positive to take from the experience. I know I have.

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