Windows Mobile 6.5, ouch!

John Gruber: "Microsoft's irrelevance in today's mobile space is nothing short of a spectacular failure. Worse than the mere fact that Windows Mobile 6.5 is a total turd is that no one is surprised, and no one cares." - The Mobile team has fallen so far behind. Time to let those Danger guys have a shot at building a new user experience. Forget the Windows heritage, build something different. Of course you can start with the existing code base, makes sense, but put a new shell on top of it. Make the UI fit the device. The Windows logo menu system needs replacing for starters, it really doesn't fit. I suppose it's a branding thing, come hell or high water, I suppose it'll stay.

In some way it's very strange. The OS seems to be a bit outdated, yet it's used on a ton of devices? Microsoft must be giving it away and guaranteeing a certain amount of support. If not why wouldn't these guys switch over to the FREE Android OS? They can do with that whatever they want. Maybe it comes down to support? Who knows?


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