One Finger Discount

Macworld: "OFD is open to any Mac developer; it's being organized by Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software, maker of MarsEdit, FastScripts, and other apps. Jalkut says any developer is invited to participate, and so far more than 25 have signed up. You can now get some great apps like NetworkLocation, Today, Linkinus, and more, all at 20 percent off their original price. Shoppers simply need to use the coupon code "OneFingerDiscount" where applicable." - As of this post the number of companies participating in One Finger Discount is up to 84. Many companies have more than one application to offer, in fact it looks like most of them have more than one application. Go check it out, you might find a great application you can't live without, and you can get it at 20% off.

Also, the MacHeist folks have a great "nanoBundle" for FREE.

It's a great time to go get some software. What are you waiting for, go, now!

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