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Merry ChristmasI've been tinkering with some code off and on for a while, and thought I'd finally share it with the Mac Developer Community in hopes of getting some feedback as well as some users.

The project is called Shrty, short for "Shorty", and you can use it to shorten URL's in your Mac Desktop or iPhone application. The code is a work in progress, but I'm hoping folks will find it useful.

Shrty shorten currently supports,,,, and YOURLS based URL Shorteners. I have support for coming, the parsing required a bit more work and it's not quite finished.

Expand is not quite ready. I need to work on the parsing code for all of services.

The project basically contains a sample application that exercises Shrty, and the Shrty Library Code. The test application is nothing fancy, and in fact is pretty darned ugly, but if you decide to make use of the code I'm sure you'll make a great UI for it.

If you have any feedback please drop me a line, In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

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