We need an FCS tournament, period.

Dick Bestwick [Online Athens]: "The proposition that the Mid-American Conference, Mountain West, Western Athletic Conference, Sun Belt and Conference-USA conferences should have automatic bids to the BCS may be the most absurd recommendation some playoff advocates have put forth." - This is such an absurd statement. So, let's get this straight. You don't want to have a tournament system because the conferences listed above can't possibly win? That, Mr. Bestwick, is the reason we NEED a playoff system. Each and ever year the NCAA has a little tournament for basketball; March Madness, maybe you've heard of it? In that tournament there is always some little school that's not supposed to win a single game, and sure enough, they go on to knock off some bigger badder school. FCS football will continue to be a bit of joke until you can put together a tournament.

Division-I, Division-II, and Division-III all have tournaments.

That's right. The smaller divisions actually have a tournament system. One of the big complaints is the kids would have to play 16 -games to decide a tournament champion. I'm not sure I see the problem here? Division-I teams will play at least 15-games to determine a champion. So it's OK for the smaller division players to do it, but the FCS players can't handle it? Hey, some of those guys will play on Sunday, they'd better get used to a 16-game season.

BCS, Removing the Risk

This season saw five undefeated teams in the regular season; Alabama, Texas, Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State. Two of those teams are from conferences Mr. Bestwick claims can't win; TCU and Boise State. The BCS, in its infinite wisdom, has found a way to prevent an embarrassing situation. Let's pair TCU and Boise State in a bowl game! YES! I'm sure the geniuses sitting around the table really loved that idea. It's perfect, absolutely perfect. Make darned sure one of those teams that can't possibly win the BCS Championship has a loss. Hey, I'd stack Boise State, or TCU, against Alabama, Texas, or Cincinnati any day of the week, and I'd bet they'd beat at least ONE of them. How quickly we forget the upset in Arizona.

Oh, by the way, how well do you think Cincinnati is going play now they've lost their coach? Maybe the NCAA should work on that as well.

Unfair, or fixed? You decide.

If you read the article I've linked to make sure you read the comments. Here's one of my favorites...
It is unfair to let sponsors, which is what the BCS system is founded on, decide National Champions.

Until the NCAA decides all of their NC's by the same system they decide this one, I will believe the fix is in.
That pretty much sums up the BCS. Pay to play.


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