Boise State #1 in 2010?

ESPN: "If the Broncos wore, say, Florida's laundry, or USC's, or Ohio State's, they'd be the landslide No. 1 team heading into next season. Amazing how much a team's uniform and tradition can affect how we look at it." - There's no way on God's green earth the BCS would ever rank a mid-major #1, not gonna happen. If you look at Boise State's record over the past five years you'll notice something very interesting, they don't lose very often. Now they've closed out the 2009 season with a 14-0 record. Only one other team has done that, Ohio State. Boise State had better finish #2 in the final 2009 BCS standings, nothing else makes sense.

We'll continue to have great college football, no doubt about that, but we'll never really know who the best team in the land is because they don't play for it.

It's time to BUST the BCS, and have a playoff system. Come on guys, you know it's the right thing to do, just do it.

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