The NFL is not College Football, period.

ESPN: "The Senior Bowl is closely scrutinized by personnel directors and coaches from all 32 NFL teams. Tebow has received a wide range of conflicting evaluations for his potential as an NFL quarterback. Even though many personnel men have told ESPN he will struggle in the league if he plays quarterback, at least a half-dozen general managers or coaches say he not only will be successful as a pro quarterback, but also likely to be chosen in the first round." Look, I'm not a Time Tebow fan, mainly because I can't stand the Florida Gators, but, the guy is a great athlete. If he wants to play in the NFL he should do what's asked of him by the NFL team that selects him. He should convert to a tight end, or receiver. He could fill that niche spot made valuable by the new wild cat offense. The bottom line is, he'll have a spot on an NFL roster, if he truly wants to play professional football.

Heck, he could be a starting quarterback in the NFL, for the Raiders, they'll play just about anyone at that position.

ESPN: "Pete Carroll has reached an agreement in principle with the Seahawks on a deal to be their next head coach, multiple NFL sources confirmed early Saturday morning." - Have NFL teams learned nothing? Bobby Patrino, Nick Saban, Dennis Erickson, Steve Spurrior, and Lou Holtz, do those names ring any bells? All these GREAT college coaches failed at the pro level. Why? Well folks, that's easy to answer, THE NFL ISN'T COLLEGE. I believe it was Spurrior that complained he didn't have the players. Well, duh! In college you can grab the cream of the crop from high school, in the pros you're getting the best of the best. That field goes from 119-120 Division 1-A college teams down to 32 pro teams. As a coach you have to trust the management team to build a great team for you to coach, then you have to coach them, not coddle them like a bunch of kids. You have to treat them like men. You have to stack your skills as a coach against the best coaching minds the NFL has to offer.

Let's see if Carroll can make the transition, he was ok the first time around.


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