Who is it for?

ESPN: "The slippery-slope argument can often be a slippery slope, but we're not asking 'What if?' here, we're asking 'What is?' The idea that only playoff-bound teams' resting players is costing fans is absurd from any perspective. Sure, the Colts rested Peyton Manning and other prominent players, but do Giants fans deserve any less of a refund for the egg that their team laid in Week 16 against the Panthers? Should Raiders fans get free tickets for having to sit through their organization's inane affection for JaMarcus Russell and Darrius Heyward-Bey? What about the fans in Washington who have sat through a lame-duck second half? And none of those fans even get to see their teams in the playoffs!" - NFL, leave the game alone. If a team wants to rest players, it's their choice, period. What if starters were forced to play and they lost anyway? Teams lose, even with starters.

I pointed out how lame the Raiders were to keep working with JaMarcus Russell in the comments from a post earlier in the week.

Could it be the NFL is considering this for gambling and fantasy football leagues? I think the answer could be yes.


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