Yes, the desktop is still king.

Daniel Jalkut: "It's an unfair fight. We know exactly what the web can do, and we have a good idea of what it plans to do, thanks to its (laudable) open standards. But none of us has any idea what the next iPad, iPhone, Wii, Xbox, TomTom, whatever, will do. Don't get me wrong: the web is excellent at innovating, but it innovates for publishing and social interaction. It doesn't innovate on desktop UI or device integration, the very areas where brilliant desktop applications shine. And it innovates, as I have already suggested, in the art of catching up." - I know the web is great for a lot of stuff, but the client/desktop is still king because it can completely embrace the environment in which it lives. The web experience has to live inside a lowest common denominator shell, the browser.

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